Tax advisory and tax planning

As the main objective of DFK Malta Tax & Consultancy Limited we strive to provide our clients with best service in the field of taxation by offering a hands-on approach to each particular business. The fiscal considerations are generally one of the main factors when determining whether to undertake a particular transaction. Malta’s tax framework is fluid and hence it is fundamental to keep abreast of any changes in the legislation to ensure that a business maximizes its return from any incentives or benefits for which it may qualify. In this respect our technical staff is constantly updated of any changes in the legislative framework by receiving the required training and resources to ensure that we are at the forefront when advising our clients of any legal updates, fresh incentives or schemes.

As tax practitioners we acknowledge that our clients require more than just tax advice to implement their restructuring plans or in to engage in a particular commercial transaction. The actual achievement of the desired goals may not be possible without professional guidance in terms of the fiscal implications involved. In this respect we assist our clients with the necessary tax planning in terms of the fiscal legislative framework encompassing Income Tax, Duty on Documents and Transfers and Value Added Tax to achieve the most tax efficient structure or transaction. Where necessary we make sure that we obtain a ruling from the Commissioner for Revenue in order to obtain any required clarification beforehand.

Being a member firm of DFK International we have excellent links with experts from the DFK network member firms around the globe, putting us in an ideal position when providing tax advice in connection with cross-border transactions. By building a strong and close relationship with our clients, we strive to adopt a hands-on and practical approach to ensure that the tax planning advice we provide results in the optimal tax efficient structure.

Tax compliance

Being fully cognisant of the complexity that the completion and submission of certain tax returns or declarations demand we take pride in our experience in handling the submission of personal and company tax returns of a diverse array of clients for the past two decades. Our clients range from sole traders to large and diversified groups in the manufacturing, retail and services industry. This ensures that our tax compliance team have the required experience and technical knowledge to deal with any type of business.

International taxation

Malta’s framework for double tax relief is widely lauded as being far reaching and comprehensive. It is indeed a determining factor for various international businesses or multinationals when setting up operations in Malta. This is backed up by other provisions in Malta’s fiscal legislative framework that aim to boost cross-border trade. In this respect our technical staff regularly advises its varied portfolio of clients in terms of the international tax implications. Our staff also attends various tax workshops and seminars to remain acquainted and keep our resources constantly updated with any new double tax treaties or other developments in this field.

Our tax team also works closely with DFK network firms around the globe to ensure that our knowledge of the international tax regime in Malta is complemented by the expertise shared by other tax experts in other jurisdictions that may be required in particular transactions having a cross-border element.

Indirect tax services

Our tax team also encompasses the indirect tax services line which provides various services principally including Value Added Tax (VAT) advice, registration of taxable persons, tax planning and VAT compliance.

The VAT compliance services generally involve the preparation of VAT Returns and RECAP statements for our clients and the filing and submission of such documents when they fall due. Our team also assists various clients with meeting other requirements in terms of VAT legislation and with any correspondence and rulings sought with the VAT Department.

Key Contacts

Dr. David Farrugia

Director – Tax & Corporate Advisory

Joseph Farrugia

Senior Tax Manager

Benjamin Zammit McKeon

Senior Tax Manager