DFK is not your average business advisory firm.

DFK is dedicated to helping your business succeed, and to this aim, we’ve added a host of new services to our advisory portfolio.

By working with experienced professionals, we offer brand advisory, content creation, PR, and Social and Digital Media services. We can even help you create and launch your business online. Think about that!

Give us a call! Let us assist you in taking your business to the next level.


Brand Advisory

We assist with all aspects of branding, from developing a strategy to creating and launching your brand identity. Our services include PR and other branding-related support to help ensure your success.

Our team can also help your company create its Brand Guidelines that enshrine your corporate identity, helping your business (and staff, team members, franchise or agents) remain loyal to your official design styling. Such brand styling adherence helps your business strengthen its logo's recognition and boosts its brand equity.


Public Relations

Make an impact with strategically placed PR material. We can help you deliver your message and sustain your voice across various channels. To complement this service, we can help you organise media events and issue press releases to support your campaigns.​

Digital Media Strategy

With over a decade of hands-on experience directing and handling digital media local and international campaigns (using Google Ads, YouTube, Social Platforms, etc.) for sectors like finance, education, health care, and gaming, we are your trusted partner in this field.


Dedicated Social Media Management​

​​We provide professional Social Media Management across all the mainstream platforms; this includes research, content creation, the production of accompanying graphics, day-to-day posting and reporting on KPIs.


Content for Web

A lone blogger on a laptop can stir up a revolution and bring down dictatorships. Yes, that is the incredible power of content - and the good news is that all this power lies within our reach.

If you're looking to improve the content on your website and make it more appealing to your target audience, as well as create shareable blog posts, call us. We're here to assist you.


Speech Writing

Need to inform, convince, motivate, or engage with your audience? Let us take care of your speech writing while you focus on your work. With our expertise, your speech is sure to make a huge impact. Trust us to have you covered.


Let’s create an Outstanding Website for you!

Looking to create an outstanding online presence? We have the experience, skills, and creativity to help you shine above your competition. Our team will guide you every step of the way, providing content writing, advice on SEO, photography, and hosting solutions. As they say, content is king, and we'll make sure yours reigns supreme.


Key Contacts

Ray de Bono

 Senior  Consultant - Media Advisory