Payroll and Human Resources Services in Malta

When companies outsource their payroll, they free up valuable time and resources while ensuring that their payroll is processed confidentially and efficiently. We understand that payroll processing is a delicate and complex process, especially since the number of tax incentives, tax statuses, fringe benefits and complexities in employment legislation are on the rise. This is why our dedicated payroll team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to provide companies in Malta with the best human resources and payroll support, in line with tax and GDPR requirements.

Our Payroll Management Services includes:
  • Customization and setting up of the payroll system per business requirements
  • Calculating withholding tax and other deductions for employees
  • Calculation of each employee’s monthly net salary (including covering tax, social security, and maternity fund contributions, leave balances, and more) 
  • Advice on the taxability of fringe benefits and calculation of taxable fringe benefit values
  • Registration and deregistration of employees with local authorities
  • Assistance with employee work permits
  • Preparation of monthly payslips
  • Preparation of bank files for the processing of salary payments
  • A basic salary report and other customised monthly reports
  • Preparation and submission of the CFR Payer’s Monthly Payment Advice (FS5)
  • Preparation, reconciliation, and submission of the CFR Payee Statement of Earnings (FS3) and the CFR Payer’s Annual Reconciliation Statement (FS7)


Our HR Support Includes:
  • Consultation and administrative support on hiring, contracting, and maintenance of employee files
  • Support in managing any queries they may receive from their employees concerning their employment


Our Training Support Includes:
  • Conducting training workshops on payroll processes, procedures, and employment regulations.

We also offer additional services relating to company set-up and assistance to Professional Employer Organisations (PEO).

If you’re looking for support in carrying out your HR, training, and payroll services in Malta, please get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Key Contacts

Images-Rene Rossignaud
Alexandra Lia

 Senior Payroll Manager

Images - Rene Rossignaud
Michelle Brimmer

Senior Payroll Administrator