Tax Advisory and Tax Planning in Malta

At DFK Malta, we’re committed to providing hands-on tax advisory and planning services for companies in Malta. Malta’s tax framework is fluid, and we understand that the requirements and opportunities for different businesses can vary significantly. This is why our team offers a range of services within the field of taxation, focusing on the financial considerations involved in every transaction. We work to ensure that our clients are informed of the latest changes to local legislation, which helps them to maximise their returns from any incentives, schemes and benefits that are available to them.

Moving beyond tax advisory, we also offer tax planning to help companies implement their restructuring plans or to undertake a particular commercial transaction. Through professional guidance, we help our clients achieve their desired goals by ensuring that every action taken is in line with Malta’s fiscal legislative framework which includes Income Tax Act, Duty on Documents and Transfers Act, and Value Added Tax Act to achieve the most tax efficient structure or transaction.

Where clarification is necessary, we obtain a ruling from the Commissioner for Revenue before enacting any transactions or making any structural changes.

As members of DFK International, we maintain excellent links with experts from the DFK network member firms around the globe. This gives us a competitive advantage when providing tax advice concerning cross-border transactions for our clients. We ensure that the planning advice we provide results in the optimal tax-efficient structure for each client.


Tax Compliance

Over the past two decades, we have handled the submission of personal and company tax returns for a wide range of clients. Our team has gained experience and the technical know-how to be able to provide tax returns and declarations for all types of businesses, ranging from sole traders to large, diversified groups of companies within the manufacturing, retail and service industries.


International Taxation

One of the major pull factors that attract international businesses and multinationals to Malta is the double tax relief framework. This is considered to be a determining factor for companies looking to set up operations in Malta, supported by other provisions within the island’s fiscal legislative framework that are aimed to promote cross-border trade.

Our team undergoes continuous training and development to ensure that we’re up to date with the latest information to help provide your business with the optimal solutions for international taxation. We also collaborate with other DFK network firms around the world to ensure that our local knowledge is complemented by knowledge from experts within other jurisdictions.


Indirect Tax Services

In addition to the tax services listed above, our team also handles the indirect tax services line. This includes a range of services, namely Value Added Tax (VAT) advice, registration of taxable persons, tax planning and VAT compliance. The VAT compliance services traditionally involve the preparation of VAT Returns and RECAP statements for our clients and the filing and submission of these documents when they fall due. Our team will also help clients with any correspondence and rulings with the VAT Department, and ensure they meet any other requirements set out by VAT legislation.

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