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The Investment Aid Tax Credits 2014 – 2020

New guidelines for the Investment Aid Tax Credits were published recently by Malta Enterprise. The guidelines form the basis of the new investment aid scheme which will be in force between 1 July 2014 and 31 December 2020. Qualifying undertakings benefit from tax credits which are quantified as a percentage of qualifying expenditure incurred in terms of the guidelines. Such tax credits are directly offset against the tax charge of the undertaking’s business for the particular year of assessment. For further details about the Scheme kindly click here.

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The Residence Programme Rules 2014 and amendments to the Malta Retirement Programme Rules

Legal Notices published on the 8 August 2014 have introduced the Residence Programme Rules 2014 and amended the Malta Retirement Programme Rules. The Residence Programme Rules 2014 The Residence Program Rules 2014 (the “RPR”) were introduced by virtue of Legal Notice 270 of 2014 and are effective from 1st July 2013. The RPR effectively replace the High Net Worth Individuals– EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals Rules due to the fact that they apply to individuals that are EU, EEA or Swiss nationals (and who are not Maltese nationals) that satisfy the conditions included therein. Similar to the position under the Global Residence Programme Rules (the “GRR”), any foreign income derived by beneficiaries or their dependents and remitted to Malta is taxed at the ...

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The Investment Registration Scheme 2014

Recently the Investment Registration Scheme Regulations 2014 (the “Regulations“) were published. The Regulations provide the framework of the Investment Registration Scheme 2014 (the “Scheme”) which enables residents of Malta owning eligible assets (as defined therein) to regularise their position and to benefit under the exemptions referred to in Article 9B of the Income Tax Act. The Scheme shall run until 30 September 2014. The Scheme is open for any eligible assets that were held on 4 November 2013 and were generated from income (including capital gains) that was never declared for the purposes of the relevant laws. The ‘relevant laws’ are defined as the Income Tax Acts, the Succession and Donation Duties Ordinance, the Death and Donation Duty Act, the ...

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Tax update – Legal Notices published recently

Recently various amendments were effected to the Income Tax Act in order to implement specific measures which were announced in the Budget Speech. These measures include various benefits in the form of additional deductions from the taxpayer’s chargeable income and other amendments to the Part-Time rules by virtue of which the applicability of the 15% flat rate was extended. The rules and guidelines providing for the MicroInvest Scheme applicable to self-employed and qualifying businesses were also published by virtue of which the applicability of this incentive was extended up to the year 2020 subject to the satisfaction of the conditions included therein. A summary of these updates can be viewed by clicking here.

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DFK Malta enhances its online presence

DFK Malta has followed on the launch of the new website by enhancing its online presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. Thanks to its new pages on these networks, DFK Malta aims to increase its online reach and to update its followers on technical matters and other news. Make sure that you keep updated by joining us on our LinkedIn page and our Facebook page.

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DFK Malta launches its new website

DFK Malta has launched its new website on 20 June 2014. Thanks to the fresh design and new sections our website aims to provide more detail about our firm, its sectors of expertise, the services offered and constant technical updates in our news section whilst at the same time offering an enhanced experience.

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