The Manufacturing Industry in Malta


The Manufacturing industry is a significant contributor to Malta’s economy. This industry is also one of the main sources of employment across a range of sectors, including technology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. 


One of the main reasons why Manufacturing companies choose to relocate or set up their base in Malta is due to the island’s geographical position. Being based in between Europe and North Africa, Malta offers a low-cost solution for operations and logistics. In recent years, the Maltese government has also issued incentives aimed at businesses operating in the Manufacturing Industry in a bid to attract foreign direct investment to Malta. These fiscal incentives aim to promote economic activity, as diversification of Malta’s economy is a significant contributor to the country’s economic resilience.


The Manufacturing industry in Malta presents several opportunities to local businesses and foreign investors, including cash grants, loan guarantees and investment aid. Our team at DFK Malta can assist companies operating within this industry to access the government initiatives that are available to them. This will help businesses to keep their operating costs as low as possible, while meeting their financial goals.


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