Investment Services and Funds


Malta’s reputation as a hub for financial services in Europe has led to many investors looking for opportunities within the country. As investors seek sustainable long-term investment returns, more focus is being placed on alternative asset classes in which Malta has much to offer. The country’s regulatory framework allows for flexibility which is particularly attractive to start-ups. Malta is also already home to several high-profile fund structures, which further strengthen the country’s credibility. 


Moreover, Malta offers attractive financial incentives, competitive pricing, talent and access to the European Union. To ensure that investments and funds are all in line with global regulatory developments and to protect investors’ rights, the EU and the Malta Financial Services Authority enforce supervisory activity on the sector. 


Our team at DFK Malta is able to assist companies operating within the Investment Services and Funds industry, from the early stages of the venture. We are available to help solve complex issues, set up the fund or company structure, and provide ongoing advisory.


For further information about setting up in Malta, please get in touch.