Payroll Adjustments for year 2024



11 January, 2024

Cost of Living Adjustment

Full Timers:     Eur 12.81 per week

Part Timers:    Eur 0.32 per hour


Minimum Wage

Aged 18 years and over - 213.54 per week

Aged 17 years - 206.76 per week

Aged below 17 years - 203.92 per week


Public & National Holidays for the year 2024:

Monday, 1st January                          New Year's Day,

Saturday, 10th February                     Feast of St Paul's Shipwreck

Tuesday, 19th March                          Feast of St Joseph

Friday, 29th March                              Good Friday

Sunday, 31st March                            Freedom Day

Wednesday, 1st May                          Workers' Day

Friday, 7th June                                  Sette Giugno

Saturday, 29th June                            Feast of St Peter and St Paul

Thursday, 15th August                        Feast of the Assumption

Sunday, 8th September                      Victory Day

Saturday, 21st September                  Independence Day,

Sunday, 8th December                       Immaculate Conception

Friday, 13th December                      Republic Day

Wednesday, 25th December              Christmas Day

Vacation Leave Entitlement

An employee with a 40-hour working week is entitled to 240 hours of paid annual leave; that is, 192hrs basic leave entitlement + 48hrs, in lieu of the 6 Public Holidays that fall on weekends. This is calculated on the basis of a 40-hour working week, and an 8-hour working day. If the average normal hours (excluding overtime) calculated over a period of 17 weeks is below or exceeds 40 hours per week, the vacation leave entitlement in hours should be adjusted accordingly, as provided for in the Organisation of Working Time Regulations. When an employee is in employment for less than 12 months, s/he shall be entitled to a proportionate amount of annual leave.

Unless otherwise agreed to in any applicable collective agreement, the employer may utilize up to the equivalent in hours of twelve working days from the annual leave entitlement for the purposes of any type of shutdown.