Business Development Scheme



13 June, 2024

Malta Enterprise has recently published a business development support measure aimed at boosting value-added projects such as new business initiatives, start-ups, together with business expansions and transformations which are able to play a role in Malta’s regional development.  

The benefits coming from this scheme are targeted to generate new business opportunities, support and generate highly skilled employees and increase competition.  

The costs eligible for funding include wage costs, lease and rental of both industrial and non-residential properties, costs for those sharing an office space, external advisory services costs, procurement of tangible and intangible assets, software, licencing and technological services costs, construction and employee relocation costs. 

The maximum support for each project is Eur 300,000 which covers a 3-year period and will cover a maximum of 75% of the costs permitted. This scheme’s rewards consist of tax credits and/or cash grants. 

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