Clarification on employment related measures for 2019

DFK Malta Tax & Consultancy Limited is hereby providing a clarification on the Cost of Living Adjustment and Minimum Wage increase for 2019.

Cost of Living Adjustment (‘COLA’)

Following review of Legal Notice 443 of 2018 and confirmations with the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations (‘DIER’), it has been concluded that the total increase applicable to whole-time employees shall be three Euros, thirty-three cents (€3.33).

This increase is made up of, (i) the two Euro, thirty-three cents (€2.33) per week as cost of living increase mentioned within the Budget and (ii) an additional one Euro (€1.00) per week as a mandatory supplement.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage for employees who have been working with the same employer for a year, are entitled to a mandatory increase of three Euros (€3) per week over and above the COLA increases during their second year in employment. The same applies for employees earning the minimum wage who have completed their second year in employment with the same employer.

In 2019, the national minimum wage per week of whole-time employees aged 18 years and over, will range from a minimum of €175.84 to a maximum of €181.84.

Therefore, employees that will have been in employment with the same employer for three years or more will see their wage increase by six Euros (€6) on the minimum wage from when the National Agreement on the Minimum Wage became effective by means of Legal Notice 144 of 2017.


*The objective of this update is to clarify the regulations being summarized herein. Accordingly, it is not intended to be provided by way of comprehensive and definitive advice. Readers should seek professional advice by contacting DFK Malta Tax & Consultancy Limited for any further clarifications.